PortDesk Services

PortDesk is one Stop solution for all the barriers that arise in the various port and shipping operations and services. It facilitates on an e-platform to serve clients across the globe. PortDesk employs the highest degree of transparency, accountability, and systematic procedures to equip ship operators with comprehensive Disbursement Accounting service.

We cater services to Ship Owners/Brokers/Suppliers/Vendors in Port Disbursement, Voyage Management, CP Desk, Vendor Appointment, CP solution, Lay-time Services. We comprise of highly qualified professionals and managerial team to provide effective and accurate solutions for your business.

DAS Features and Services

  • Disbursement Accounting
  • Cash Management
  • Port DA and Estimate
  • Vendor Desk
  • Voyage Manager (Vessel Performance and Post Fixture)
  • Laytime Management
  • CP Solutions and Contract Management (CPDesk)
  • Bunker Desk
  • MASS (Maritime Application Software Services)

Disbursement Accounting

Our DAMS has been simplified to manage and control disbursement flow. Complete work flow including cost verification, budget creation, re-billing and following-up the agents is done with automation & standardization.

At PortDesk, each esteemed client of ours is supported by a dedicated PortDesk Manager, who is available round the clock with a single point of contact. The PortDesk Managers effectively provide the following services as a part of Disbursement Accounting:

  • Cross Checking Port DA with the latest port tariffs
  • Checking all the current fees and regulations of concerned Port
  • Agency Appointment with one click
  • Collecting & Reconciling final invoices
  • Cross Verification of the submitted FDA with PDA
  • Final Accounting

Bunker Desk

  • Bunker accounts for upto 70% of voyage operating costs for operators.
  • PortDesk has developed the state of art E-Auction platform which deliver cost savings as compared to the traditional email process.
  • E-Auction with many suppliers allows increased competition and suppliers update their pricing model in real time.
  • Suppliers submit their offers in a common format, through a single portal and are allowed to revise the offer by rebidding.

Port DA & Estimate

PortDesk provides an exclusive Port agency appointment process that facilitates port call cost estimate which helps trader to conclude the fixture, agency appointment, multiple vendor appointment and bunker appointment. Once agency port call and estimate is created by the user, PortDesk expert team directly gets inline with agent for port information and Proforma DA, taking care of whole accounting procedure which starts from receiving Proforma DA to closures of Port DA. Similarly, it also provides same platform to handle many single invoices under bunker appointment and vendor appointment procedure. The Port-DA web model is based on anonymous sharing of costs which allows you to compare your costs and benchmarks it for next fixture or for agency appointment.

Vendor Appointment

PortDesk automates and manages thousands of single balanced invoices which is not traditionally considered a part of DA with our Vendor Appointment & Cost Management system. We handle transactions from various fields such as Towage, Pilotage, Vendor Suppliers, Mooring Companies, and Transiting Passage Pilots. Vessel Operator can systematically offload these cumbersome tasks to PortDesk through the simple issuance of a service request, leaving them with more time for other essential tasks. Customers who use our PortDesk Disbursement Accounting service can avail our other services like Vendor Appointment & Bunker/Towage Contracts and offload all port accounting work to PortDesk.

Voyage Manager (Vessel Performance and Post Fixture)

Voyage management is characterized by tracking of the Vessel’s performance from time to time. It is a quite important aspect from both time & cost perspective for Ship Owners & Ship Operators. Vessel’s performance depends on various factors like vessel’s fuel capacity, charterer party data, weather conditions etc.


  • Easy to set up PortDesk software reporting System
  • Continuous tracking of vessel location
  • Accurate status reporting
  • Daily monitoring of vessel performance
  • Voyage end analysis of weather conditions and changes
  • Continuous monitoring of port consumption
  • Easy to compare and integrate with various system

Laytime & Demurrage Services

A specialized desk consisting of Industry experts and certified Laytime and demurrage specialist has been setup to take care of the demands of Owners / Operators / Charterers for focussing on their core business of fixing / trading and leaving incidental work of Lay time Calculation & Demurrage to a team of specialist focussing only on optimizing the claim amount and timely settlement. Benefits of Laytime & Demurrage Services:

  • Professional handling of Claim
  • Full control remains with you with systematic Approvals
  • Data is handled with strict confidentiality
  • Close control of Time bar to avoid delays or rejection of claims due to contractual provisions
  • Simplification of process letting your team to focus on more strategic tasks
  • Swift settlement of demurrage claims


CP Solutions and Contract Management (CPDesk)

CP Solution is characterized by efficient and professional drafting of your CPs based on negotiated terms and in accordance to the prevailing Industry standards.Secure, structured filing and storage of your Charter Parties, accessible from any location.

Contract Management TM

CP solutions provide a secure online platform for freight contracts management, Contract of affreightment, Time charterer and various other contracts. All the valuable terms and conditions from various contracts has been filtered and secured in tailor made unique software in our system which is easily available to parties in the trade, allowing enhanced collaboration and improving the quality of work. CP Solutions manages the whole contract throughout the period which includes recaps, various charter parties, addendum, certificates ,other fixture-related documentation under one platform which can be accessed from any remote location.

  • Our team consists of experts from multiple fields of shipping industry who have handled various commercial and operation assignments with MNC like Cargill, Siva, Scorpio etc.
  • With CP Desk, Once our team receives the recap terms and conditions and base CP, we audit the proforma CP for any critical error, missing points and highlight them. It reduces user's time and risk while increasing the speed of the process.
  • After confirmation, our CP draft team starts preparing the working CP for the clients in order to provide them confirmation within the least period of time.
  • Finally, we store the soft copy of working CP, recap, addendum in our safe, secure and highly standardized data base.


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